Love and romance is a beautiful thing, but roses comes with thorns and so does love. Every relationship has its ups and downs. There is no relationship with does not have nay problems. A person who manages his emotions well can manage and handle stress that associates within a relationship. A successful happy relationship between two people is only achieved when both can handle their emotions well.

It is very important for both to be able to understand the fact the love is not only about the sun shinning and the birds chirping all the time; but it also comes with a bag full of dark days. Both individuals should be able to handle that kind of stress in a healthy manner instead of beating up oneself or the other about it.

Only if both people in a relationship are ready to resolve issues in a mature way, can a loving relationship remain that way. But if one of you is not able to do it, then you are left with a broken heart and it’s definitely time to move on. It’s hard to let go of the feelings once you had and it’s even harder to let go of the bitter feelings that the person left you with.

But, you should remember this; that no one is more important than you. You should think about yourself before anyone who has hurt you. Self-love is the greatest, because it will not only  keep you happy but, it will keep your loved ones happy too. Any thing needs to start from ground zero and loving yourself is ground zero.

Here I will show you very important steps to follow that will heal your broken heart. These are fool-proof steps one should follow during a heart-break.

  • Be Honest:

Be honest with yourself, no one else. Did you really want to stay in a relationship where you both just couldn’t get along? Whether it was difference of opinion or just him/her not good enough for you. Fighting everyday is not love. It’s nothing but not a good relationship. On the other hand not getting involved at all with each other is also not a good relationship. Think about it first before moving on to anything else, do you really want to go back to the person that caused you so much pain? Do you really want to go back to the screaming, crying, begging, losing self-esteem?

  • Challenge yourself to Move-On:

Decide what you want to do, stay there and be miserable or run away and stay happy forever. Healing takes time, it’s hard and it’s challenging. It’s always a motivation to do something if it gets challenging, right? So, try to live without thinking about him/her, to text or call them, or to stalk them. Making a habit not to include them in your thoughts will definitely get you going and bring you success.

  • Take a Break:

It’s normal behavior that you urge to run back to your lover as soon as you break-up. You call them, text them, stalk them on social networking sites and do various things just so that you can feel that nothing’s wrong and they still belong to you. DO NOT do these things no matter what. Focus on things that you missed out when you were in a relationship. It may be hanging out with friends more, watching you favorite movies, sleeping, dressing up, flirting, NOT WORRYING AT ALL. It’s okay to hate that person for a little while thinking you couldn’t do these things because you were with them. Now you can and you should.

  • See the Relationship from third person perspective:

Don’t see the relationship from your view or your lover’s view because that way you will not be able to figure out what really was wrong. It can be their mistakes or it can be your mistakes. Try to see things through a third person’s eyes. What wrong did you guys do and why and why was all that not mended? Even if you find out that it was all your mistake, do not run back to your ex lover to apologize and make promises you will not be able to keep. It’s important to have a healthy mindset before entering into a relationship, be it its yours or the others.

  • Do something for yourself:

When you start doing things for yourself like shopping, getting a new hair-do, making and sticking to a hobby, learning a skill, you will find yourself enjoying with yourself. You need to focus on what is right for you and not the world.