Keeping motivation is not as easy for every as it ought to be. You start off with the highest level of enthusiasm, thinking about what you’re going to do, creating a plan, promising to stick to your plan and eventually telling people about it because you feel by telling people you will be motivated even more as people encourage you. But during the whole time, somewhere you lose your motivation to do “your thing”. You get stuck up at one task or do not feel like doing it today. You drain out all your energy just feeling the feeling that you will feel when you achieve your goal!

Or you don’t lose your motivation just yet, but while pushing yourself so hard everyday you forget to keep going. You start losing interest in the process because it’s not bringing any outcomes. You lose your motivation to go ahead. But what can you do to not let this happen?

There are  important things to understand about motivation:

  1. Motivation doesn’t come by talking to other people about your goals.
  2. Motivation is within you, not outside in the world.
  3. Motivation requires change; if one plan is not working, try a new plan to reach your goal.
  4. Motivation comes from the things you love.
  5. Motivation should never end. Don’t be relaxed after achieving your first step.
  6. The Most important one – You need a BIG as well as a SMALL vision that collates with the larger vision.

The key to being motivated every-single-day to work towards your goal is to make a plan the previous day before you go to bed. Why it motivates you is because, us humans like to look forward to “something”. Make a plan, make chores or activities to do for the next day that will bring certain outcome.

Don’t set long term activity goals. There should be a vision and then you need to set small goals or short term goals. After that, set activities or tasks to be done every-single-day in order to meet the short term goals. After one is finished start with another. Being motivated needs calculation. You cannot stay focused if you just have a big vision. No. You need strategic, calculated plans.

This is what I realized from my own mistakes of losing motivation. What all I did wrong. This was the biggest mistake I made. I had a big vision, but I did not have the smaller vision.I did not make the small plans towards my goal. What happened then were number of starting of things and a number of ending of them abruptly. And yes it was embarrassing for me to go to people and talk to them about something new I was currently doing. My lack of perseverance could be seen by all.

Now according to me the biggest secret to being motivated all throughout your journey of reaching your goal is to not talk about it too much with others. Do not talk about what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it all the time to people. It makes us work less and talk more. Because when you talk about what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it, it gives your mind the the joy of success already achieved as it boosts pride by talking to other people and you easily lose the energy to actually putting in the hard work you talked about.