Writing a book is not easy. I decided to write this book about a long time a go and finally after finishing and editing all my work, I’ve finally decided to publish it on Amazon Kindle Ebook.

I wrote this book as I’ve learnt a lot from life from my past mistakes and with all the experiences that came to me. I don’t regret any of those experiences as I learnt much more than I thought from all of them. I’m a very sensitive person at heart anyway and even little things hit me hard most times. I have had some bitter experiences in my life with a lot of people because of my temper and how I reacted to situations and people. I finally realized what was the cause of all my problems. It was the lack of love for myself. Yes. I don’t remember how I got that way. When did I lose myself. Nothing gave me an answer.

Only when I started to think to myself about my life, my past mistakes and everything else surrounding, I found one common answer to all my problems and that’s not looking after myself enough. I was so lost in pleasing others and so lost in being nice and fair that I lost feeling what I felt. That is why deep down I held grudges and bitterness towards others.

This book I’ve written is a self-help book. Anyone who’s had similar experiences or is feeling conflicted with situations and feelings all the time, this book will really help you. The book’s Title is ‘I LOVE ME’, which pretty much summarizes what it has to say. But if you want the happiness that you once had within you or if you are looking to have a happy relationship with either your partner, your children, your parents and friends or colleagues, you need to read this book. I LOVE ME has the secret by which you will regain your the peace and happiness you always wanted in your life.

It’s a great deal at Amazon. Will update you all soon with the link!!