As per Wikipedia, feminism means the equality of rights between men and women. It is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal: to establish and achieve equal rights for women. A feminist typically  advocate or support the rights and equality of women. (Wikipedia)

So to sum it up feminism is about equality and rights for women all over the world. It means that a woman should have a right to buy a contraceptive from a store without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. It means that a woman can and should get a job that is sometimes thought of a man’s job only. It means that woman should feel comfortable if she is out late at night for any reasons, and not afraid of the “men”.

Feminism is about rights and equality. But I don’t understand why people are taking it the wrong way. It’s true, according to feminism, that a woman should be allowed to study or work and not be forced into marriage. It’s even true that nowadays women want to build their career before thinking about marriage and settling down. But these are not the only things in the world that surround the ideologies about feminism: work and no marriage.

Being a feminist is changing the whole meaning of being a feminist nowadays. Whoever decided and thought that if they got married, they will not have a life and they will have to settle down, does not really know the meaning of feminism. I’m not saying that you need to do it even if you don’t want to. Feminism is if something doesn’t feel right to you, then you have the right to not do it. No one should force you. But don’t set a standard with your own scale.

It feels as though, nowadays feminism is so hyped and not making the correct sense. This is setting a standard for other women. Feminism shouldn’t set standards, rather there should be no standards. Why should women do what men do? Why can’t they do better than them? Women should be better in the things that men do and MORE.

It is not necessary that all women want to build a career and not have kids in the near future. If I talk about me, I fell in love when I was 24 and I got married. I love kids and my husband and my family and also love to take care of everyone. But I did not lose my spark.  I still believe in my dreams. I still work towards my dreams. My husband doesn’t stop me, neither does he disagree with me. I do what I want to do and how I want to do. And there are women out there who dream about getting married and settling down more than building a career! Well, as feminism supports the fact that a woman has a right to decide, then feminism should agree with this too. Everyone has different dreams.

Sure you sacrifice a little when you get married, but who said you don’t sacrifice anything when you are single and making something of your own??? I’m damn sure all of you will agree with me that yes, we are not able to see our friends and no we do not party hard every weekend. Then who all said, that you’re life will be over after you get married, does not have a mind of his own. You sacrifice in every stage of your life! Don’t you think men sacrifice their life if they got married? They do. They sacrifice a hell lot too, just for the sake of their loved ones. Feminism is to fill the gap and not leave the truth behind and find a not so true, truth. Feminism is about choice and not a standard.