“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” ― Alexander Pope

If you don’t expect, you remain happy. While if you do expect, you will be saddened. This age long advice from the greatest people in the world have been given to us so that we can make our lives better. But how many of us are able to understand and use this advice for ourselves? None.

Why? Because it’s not that easy for you to not expect. We all expect, a little or a lot, from the ones we love because a loving relationship comes with the package of give and take, right? We expect from our partners to understand us, love us, give us time, give us the attention we need. We expect from our parents to love us and take care of us and build us into good human beings. We expect from our friends to be there for us in good as well as bad times in our lives. We expect from our grandparents to pamper us. We expect from our children to know that we do things for them and expect to understand it.

We expect. But how many times do these people fail you? A million times, I would say. I should tell you that this post is not about expectations from others. It’s true expectations fail. But only if we expect things from others. You have come into this world alone. You will die alone too. Do you have a certainty that you will be able to take xyz person with you when you die? Is it in your hands to control someone? Of course not. Then why do you waste your precious time expecting things from other people.

You should expect only from you, because you are all you’ve got. It may sound a little harsh to some of you, but expecting things only from yourself is not a bad thing. When you expect yourself to keep happy, you will not expect anything from anyone else. You need to set goals for your own improvements and work towards them. Make a life of your own instead of depending on others for approval.

Expectations are not always about love or care, sometimes people expect financial support or care taker support in their lives. It’s true when you need it, you should expect and will get it. It’s not wrong to depend on someone financially if you are not able to do it for yourself. In a loving relationship, your support system will always be there and you need not worry about it. But if you are able to do things for yourself and still don’t do it, then you need to start thinking. Too much expectation ruins relationships. Keep expectations from them, but keep it to a limit and not exceed their possibilities of fulfilling your expectations.