I had my own set of standards throughout my life. I’m not saying I’m a free woman now, I still do hold set of rules or values in my mind that are my own to be used to measure other people. We learn so many things in our lives. A human starts experiencing and learning from his/her mother’s womb. We learn values from our family backgrounds, we learn to do things certain way because of past experiences. It’s hard to change our own scale standards, right?

We judge our friends and we expect from our families about matters that have a significance on our measurement scale. It creates problems. But we still do it. Why can’t we ever think otherwise? If everyone put themselves in others shoe, this world would be a better place.

Why can’t you and I understand the fact that everyone is different and just like you have a certain standard, they have one too. Why can’t we let of of each others’ “way” of thinking and concentrate on our own.

If I talk about myself, I have lived a very happy life for till today. My parents have given me everything I needed. I might have gone down emotionally due to various reasons, but I’ve learnt to overcome my problems. Overall I can say, I haven’t had a stressful life. Although there are people in my life now who have had problems in their lives, financial and emotional. I do understand them most of the times. And I’m not trying to boast but just backing my self up here when I say, I always try to understand the other person a hundred times, before I start feeling they are just taking advantage of my kindness. But sometimes I feel just get over your problems already. Why can’t they solve their problems? There’s always a solution to problems. I feel so many negative things about people who can’t take control of their lives. Because I have been in the same place too and I overcame it myself. Nobody helped me. This is the scale I used which made relationship bitter in my life.