If you’re planning to get into marriage or a committed relationship where you live together, then you need to read this post so that you avoid at least one of the things so that lame arguments don’t happen between you two.

It’s a lot of work when you start living together, because everyone is fixed in their own ways and nobody wants to change. But when you’re under one roof, you will obviously need to change your habits a little.

Read this post and share it with your partner and friends to have a good laugh!

1. Learn to say ‘Sorry’ even if you feel you’re not at fault:

I know it may sound so harsh and not something you will learn to do soon. I’m pretty sure, it will take more than a year to learn this art. But understand this. If any argument comes up, be it from your side or hers and you both say harsh things to each other, and even if we(women) know that we were wrong, we want you to say sorry. At least you need to be the first one to say sorry. We’ll obviously apologize and own up after. But it should be you who’s first to go. It’s that simple. It’s because us women are vulnerable and we need to know first that you still love, care and are there for us before we give in. It’s not about ego, it’s more about assurance. It will take about a lot of me writing to explain this to you deeper; I hope this much helps you know why we want you to say sorry.

2. Please put the toilet seat DOWN:

Yes. If you’re going to live with this woman for the rest of your life, then you will have to make it a habit of putting the toilet seat down. I know you have smart points to argue that if she needs the toilet seat up and you have to pull it up then it’s her part to put it down too. Please don’t get into such lame arguments. Save yourself 30 minutes of peace and just learn to put the toilet seat down. We just feel ewwed by having to touch the seat to put it down. I hope you understand.

3.  You can look at other women when we’re not around:

We know you look at other woman. We understand it’s a natural instinct to look at beautiful things. But please have control on your sight when we’re with you at least. It takes a big toll on us if you’re going to do it whenever we’re out together. Once or twice is ok. But more than that is just not acceptable. Also it’s ok if you look, but staring it just too much, come on!

4.  Fix things around the house:

It’s not just good to see, but it’s sexy too. It’s not about being a plumber or doing things you’re not supposed to do. But we’d love to know that our man can fix anything around the house. It’s such a turn on to know your man can fix small to big things in the house.

5. Know how to Cook:

This one is another turn on for girls. It’s not to say that a man has to cook regularly. We don’t expect you to cook for us and have equality and stuff. But it’s a great feeling to see a man cook and experiment in the kitchen.

6. Buy groceries with us:

I know it’s the woman’s place to know what’s needed in the kitchen and to buy groceries. But we want you to go and get them for us so that we can cook delicious meals for you. And you need to learn too how to choose and purchase quality vegetables and not rotten or not so good vegetables. Above all, you need to know exactly how we would pick the items and learn the art of getting good quality items, not what the sabji wala offers you.


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