Many of us quit jobs to work as a freelancer. Some of us are bound to work from the comfort of our homes because of other responsibilities that make us stay home and focus on all things at one time. But whoever hoped it was going to be an easy task sitting on your couch; working comfortably and earning big bucks will be mistaken.

As easy as it sounds to the ones who work at offices, its not! Working from home is just like starting a business. It needs a hell of a time and effort and patience for it too be successful.

When you work for someone else; it’s easier because the other person tells you what to do, how to do, what tasks needs to be completed, what is the deadline and in the end obviously you get a fixed amount of money paid. I’m not saying is easy. No work is easy. I’m just saying that building yourself up from scratch is tough.

Becoming a successful freelancer in terms of getting regular work, getting appreciation, being motivated by yourself, setting goals/tasks by yourself, and earning a good amount for a living is a lot to do and needs a lot of your time and patience.

Marketing yourself is very important. But not everyone knows how to market themselves. Marketing yourself needs a little cash out too. If you are someone who’s afraid of spending and is hoping to make big bucks sitting at home; then please revise your thoughts first.

The internet shows many who have made millions just by sitting at home and doing nothing. But to be honest, it’s going to be tougher than earning a steady income from a job. If you have the will to make it happen, then you can make it happen. But only a few have that will and you need to stick to your goals like Ambuja Cement ( or some sticky glue) that refuses to let go.

Sure, there are times when you’d feel like giving up. But don’t because that’s a mistake. I’ve made such mistakes many times in the past. And I regret the times I failed myself by giving up. Therefore understand yourself first and then take big decisions. Internet is sometimes full of lies. Trust your instincts and only then take big decisions.

Getting up every single day in and doing the same thing every single day from your couch needs not only will power; but also the discipline to do things on time. It’s very easy to fall in the laze around, I’ll do it after an hour, I’ll just watch this one episode and then start my work phase when you’re alone and working from home.

It’s easier to get up and ready for work at an office because there are rules. Time rules, commitment rules and the pressure from your boss. Hence there’s a routine you follow. So set yourself very specific goals and then think of freelancing from home. I hope this post helped you make the correct decision.


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