Do you only spend time reading Facebook posts and tweets all day. Do you feel inadequate because you’re not where more people are? Stop right there, because you do not need to compare yourself with anyone else. I want to tell you something that you may or may not be knowing but it is so important to understand why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others is because you’re better than them. And why I say this is because only people who doubt themselves are the ones who are better than people who think they know it all!

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You DO NOT need to see pictures on Facebook and read those very intelligent tweets on Twitter to feel that others are far better than you are. No, they’re just people who either don’t know who they are and they don’t even care about it or people who know what they are but still wear pride for themselves. And that’s what you have to be.

This post about about a book that will change your life forever. This book is not about relationships or the general idea of romantic love. But it’s about the greatest love of all and the one that is so powerful, it will change your life. There are things you cannot explain but you feel and the very importance of this book is to help you feel the magic.

  1. If you’ve had problems in the past with your family or friends or lovers, then this book solve all your problems. Did the person you trusted the most, say they cannot handle you? This book will give you an insight on how to build trust again and where to start.
  2. All your life if you have being somewhat socially awkward, not getting along with people well, then this book will teach you how to do so and why is it important to know what you want first before trying other things.
  3. If you have always been misunderstood by everyone including your parents, then nobody but yourself can help you. This book has all the answers to why people never understood you and how can you make people understand you.
  4. If you have always felt that nothing goes according to your will and you’re always used as a doormat of a kind, then you need this book badly. It will tell you how to not be someone’s use and throw and start living on your own terms.
  5. If all you’ve felt is lonely and depressed no matter how much you give, you don’t get enough in return, then you need to buy this book because it will tell you the secrets to happiness.


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