Highly Sensitive people are often perceived as vulnerable. Or sometimes worst. Most people fail to understand a person who is too sensitive either because the person shows anger, hurting, crying and being confused with most situations. If someone who gets angry a lot is perceived as a negative person, then think again. Anger is often an honest man’s behavior. Highly-sensitive people show such traits because they feel deeply and honest with themselves and the world.

These people are not broken. They are different. Those who are said to have emotional problems or are too complicated are the ones who bring essence of thoughtfulness, care and a more humane world.

There is an on-going war with the head and the heart with these people. Only about 15% of the world’s population consists of these kinds of people. And some of which are the famous personalities that you admire and hope to be like  Albert Einstein, Carl Jung and Charles Darwin, to political leaders: Abraham Lincoln, Harry S. Truman, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt and Princess Diana. Highly sensitive scientists and inventors include: Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison and naturalist Jane Goodall.

I have been called many things in my life because of my over-sensitivity to things. I have not just been called too-sensitive; but some worst things too, just because I felt deeply about everything around me. This post is for people like me to understand that you are not broken. You are unique and you have the heart that not everyone has. One important thing to know is that you are ahead of most people, because being sensitive is a good thing and you can do wonders if you use it correctly.

Here are some of the things I have always felt and want to know if anybody of you have felt the same way too?

  • Certain smell brings back memories:

I don’t know if I remember too much or what. But certain smells like fragrance that I used to wear, or smell of a house that I lived in 15 years ago, any smell that seems similar triggers memories in my mind when that smell lingered around.

  • Certain music brings back memories:

This one is the same as how smell triggers emotions and memories that I felt or had. Any music, a song that I used to listen to back even 20 years, triggers the same emotions I felt at that time in the present moment. It’s like feeling I’m still there, doing the same thing and feeling the same emotions that I felt back then.

  • Affected by others emotions:

It’s either being too empathetic or just feeling what they’re feeling in real. I can easily understand and feel what others feel. This kind of sensitivity towards others is good and sometimes it just takes a toll on how I feel.

  • Trying to be a Perfection:

I’m someone who criticizes myself the most. I don’t let others criticize me because I do all the job. I don’t understand why I don’t let myself lose sometimes. I always want things in the perfect manner and that’s what I expect from myself. I’ve noticed others aren’t so hard on themselves. But even though I know, I still can cut myself some slack.

  • Sharp Memory:

I have a VERY sharp memory to almost everything that was connected to me emotionally. It’s not too say I remember what I ate in lunch 3 days ago. No. I don’t remember such things. But I remember events, places, people and even objects of my memory which was connected to me emotionally.

  • I use my heart more:

I do not think and do. I do not plan. I do not plot. I just think from my heart and I love living that way. No matter how stupid people think I am. I live only on my terms because I know I’m being honest with myself.


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