A Stranger in the Mirror by Sidney Sheldon is the first book I ever read in my life. I can give all the credit to me falling in love with reading, especially fiction, to this book.

A Stranger in the Mirror is a love story between Jill Castle and Toby Temple. Both characters have similar lives, similar dreams; but different attitudes. The story starts with Toby and how he was so close to his mother. In the book, it seems that the mother instills in Toby, the idea of becoming an entertainer. She wishes for her son to be the famous, charismatic entertainer and Toby fulfills the dream.


Meanwhile, Jill, who’s birth name is Josephine Czinski. She was raised to fear God, by her mother who was a firm Catholic lady. Her mother used to work for the Oil People, upper class people of Odessa. Josephine was smitten by David Kenyon (one of the children of the Oil people) since she was a child and used to spend time with those kids, and so was David.

Josephine and David’s affair blooms when they’re younger and they decide to get married. But David’s mother refuses to let him get married to Josephine and forces him to marry one of the Oil people’s daughter. David agrees and Josephine gets to know about it. She runs away from everybody that day to go to Hollywood and becomes Jill Castle.

This book could not let me sleep at night. The plot, the twists and turns in the characters life made me stay up on my toes all day. I was so engrossed in this book with my emotions changing every minute.

Overall, I would rate a 10 out of a 10 point scale. Must Read.


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