If you’re a freelancer looking to make money for a living or if you’re trying to earn some extra cash apart from work, then there’s no better place than on Fiverr.com. Yes I said it here directly. There’s nothing to beat around the bush. It’s simple really.

I’ve seen people taking up projects from Facebook groups or through twitter messages and working their a**es off to prove that they are great freelancers and would love to get more work in the future. But sometimes the buyers are frauds and do not pay; leaving you feeling worthless and would not trust anyone in future.

I’ve been trying to get my way around with this freelance business for quite sometime now. I have had some good as well as bad experience in this field. As a freelance writer, I wanted to build not only my business, but also a smooth relationship with the buyer of my service. I took time and my 100% effort in putting a great piece of work and delivered it; even before the deadline. But what did I get in return? NO REPLY!

I kept emailing the person, initially every week and then left hopes of getting paid for my work. I understood that I have been cheated. It was a waste of time and effort. What did I learn? I started using Fiverr.com and in a week I got my first order. I buyer loved my work so much he gave me another order and also referred me to his friends!


Fiverr.com is not only a better platform for the sellers but also for the buyers. The platform acts an intermediary between the buyer and the seller and of course the money involved. Unlike Facebook groups, where the buyer posts his request of work and sellers send out their email IDs and information, Fiverr.com lets the buyer choose the best seller by looking at the seller’s ratings and reviews and the price at which they offer their service for!


For the sellers, it’s a better platform to work because the buyer has pays before the work is done. But the money is given out to the seller only when the seller has completed the work and the buyer is completely satisfied with the work and he furthers the payment. If the buyer is not satisfied with the work, he may not pay. The money, until then, stays with Fiverr.com which is highly secure and confidential internet protocol.

I hope this post helps you decide where to post your work requirements and where to work!


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