I have been a social media addict for more than 10 years. Since the day my parents got a computer in our home, I was 10 at the time, I have been on the computer from that time.

Internet was booming during those years. There was a CD that had to be put in the computer to install the internet settings. Then there was this dialer tone that went on for sometime before it connected you to a small but interesting world called “internet”.

I remember me getting excited while the dialer tone came on. Because you know, the yahoo chat rooms were interesting! Talking and making friends with unknown people from far away lands without having to travel was very interesting!!!

Don’t judge me, I did not find out about those chat rooms. It was my older brother who did and I just followed his footsteps.

Anyway, the world has changed so much since then. But I realized that I have since then been on this social media each and everyday of my life. Doing nothing great, just skimping around aimlessly.

I realized what an effect it has been on my life and my decisions for my life so far. To be honest it has stopped me from becoming a great, intelligent scientist! 😂

Although I do hibernate occasionally from facebook, instagram, twitter. But come back running as my boredom sticks in.

I do not want this kind of life for my son. Nope. I hope there are people in this world who have the same thoughts as mine.

I hope a make a change today for my self and my family.

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