Exceptional leaders are few and they have some very key traits in common. By making certain choices, you can also possess these traits to become future leaders. Making poor choices in mind such as being non-communicative, lazy, egoistical, laid back, attention-seeking or bluffing leads to people not trusting you and will never follow your lead. Some qualities such as being humble, honest, visionary, friendly, adjustable in nature lead to people liking you and hence would want to follow your lead. It’s true that some people have a character made since childhood that make them loved by others. But it doesn’t mean you cannot learn and become a better person.

Here are 5 traits that only Exceptional Leaders possess:

#1 – Higher Emotional IQ

It’s not very popular to have a good Emotional IQ. But a person with a high emotional IQ has a good control over self. You mostly act and react based on your emotions. People who are in control of their self in mind as well as body can handle any situation with a steady mind. They can handle pressure well and can cope of difficulties well and hence can make better decisions even under stress. They have their thoughts and feelings intact and solve problems with ease.

#2 – Being Adjustable

Exceptional leaders are not rigid. They adjust their strategies and environment as per requirement of the business as well as his employees. They think strategically and not get stuck on only one plan for life. Having flexibility in your approach towards business or life in general makes business profitable. This way their leadership always runs successful.

#3 – Responsible

Successful leaders know how to act when they make a mistake. Accepting that it is our fault when a misfortune arises is hard to do for most people. There are leaders who never accept their mistakes and that leads to mistrust between them and their employees. While these type of leaders hold themselves accountable for their own mistakes they expect the same from others.

#4 – Persistence

These type of leaders have a very stubborn persistent work trait. They do not back down. They will keep on going until they reach their goal. They do not take failure at heart rather learn from them and make strategic changes to be better. This only makes people want to build an empire with them. These people have unshakable self-confidence and that’s what drives people to work with them. Remember, if you give up then so will everyone working for you.

#5 – Being Authentic

Making scams and fooling people can get you a small return but by being authentic will bring the sweetest fruits. These leaders do not fool people. They do not sell fake products or services or fool others into believing in them. They know fooling will not take them anywhere. They achieve for long term goals. They build such a strong base that not body can ever break because they built it with truth and clarity.



Here are the three books that will help you gain these traits and make you an exceptional leader:

  1. The Secret of Leadership
  2. Leadership: The Brian Tracey Success Library
  3. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership