Our lives have become so busy that we do not have any time for exercise or eating right. We like to sit and watch TV after a long hectic day. And it’s necessary to relax your mind and keep it fresh. On the other hand some of you may have tried everything from 500-calorie diets, to water diets and what not. But no results. Going to gym and working out also becomes a task for some of us when we just want to relax.

But remember one thing, being healthy is more important than being the size you imagine you should be. Whether you are over weight or under weight you should always aim for the first thing is that to be healthy. Being obsessed with weight loss or weight gain can only stress you out more and will not bring you any results.  Never opt for short term results.

So in this busy world of ours, we have come up with 5 very easy ways to lose weight and stay that way in the long run.

#1 – Stay hydrated and more 

You may feel you have drank enough water throughout the day. But it’s important to drink at least 2 litres of water in an entire day. And if you can drink more than that, its better. Sometimes we eat when in reality we are dehydrated. So give water the first priority. You will feel less hungry too and eventually eat lesser. Drinking chilled water helps your body burn fat more and by drinking warm water, toxins are removed from body easily. You can buy this bottle to make detox water.

#2 – Eat more Fibre

Cut down on rotis, rice and potatoes. Eat more fibre. Eat a whole bowl of fibre filled veggies (raw or boiled) before you jump to eat chappati and rice. You will eventually eat less of oily foods and starch and have more fibre in your stomach. This will help with digestion better and help you lose weight faster. Also drink a big glass of water before each meal.

#3 – Be Active

Being active replaces going to the gym or doing a cardio for a set time. Basically be more active in and around our house or workplace. Be helpful. If you are to go to a store, then walk till the store. You can do more chores around the house.

#4 – Skip mid-night snacks

Never, never eat 2-3 hours before you sleep. But unfortunately most of us eat only 15 minutes before we sleep and say that’s what gave me peaceful sleep. Eat light meal at least 2 hours before sleep and sleep on time. That way you won’t have to feel hungry at midnight. Our lifestyles also have an impact on our weights and health. We have our phones in hand till late at night.

#5 – Eat Protein every single day

Eats protein in the morning, in the noon as well as in dinner. Protein rich foods give you the necessary nutrients you need and makes you feel less hungry. It helps you build muscle and gives essential fats. Eats boiled eggs, chicken breast, lean meats, greek yogurt, et cetera more than starchy foods.

Overall, do not obsess over losing weight or gaining weight. Being healthy is more important. Never take up quick fix diets. They are bad in the long run. These five tips will definitely get you your desired shape along with a healthy body and mind.