Weight loss is something many of us want to achieve. Whether it be for a friend’s wedding or our own wedding or for a good summer vacation or just to start with a healthier life.

Remember health comes above any other decisions you make for your body and mind. I’m a stay-at-home-mom and hence it was very difficult for me to initially lose weight as I was with my little baby all day. Did house cleaning only every alternate days and opted for the faster and easier versions of work to get things done fast so that I could take of my baby.

Most of us are in such situations where we do not have the time or space to do anything for ourselves. Be it weight loss activities or even cook for ourselves. Again, here we end up eating ready made meals or take away from restaurants that add up to our bodies gaining unnecessary fats.

Setting some rules and religiously following them is the key to achieving your desired weight loss.


Eat Breakfast But include protein such as boiled eggs and a fruit or fruit juice (homemade without sugar) along with it. Greek Yogurt with one banana and apple is also a good source of calcium and other nutrients. But do not skip having breakfast as you will only eat more at lunch.


Discipline. Yes, its a rule that you must follow if you really want to get to your goal. Without discipline you get no results. You may be pumped up and running initially when you have thought about achieving a goal. But many of us lose track when something new comes up or when you do not get results. Try to change your style but do not change circumstances.


Don’t Overreact. When we feel a little hungry, especially when we’re on a set diet, we tend to think, “oh, look I’m so hungry now.  I didn’t eat bread and that’s why I’m hungry and I will eat bread and cheese and make two big sandwiches and eat them.” Sometimes we also eat when we’re bored. Or just because it’s 3 am and you should eat. Practice noticing if you’re really hungry or you are feeling any other emotions and act the certain way.


Long term fasts, water diets et cetera backfire in the long run. Create a diet for the long run. If you haven’t already, you should go and check this article out for easiest methods of losing weight for the long run instead of dieting or exercising.


As I have said in my other articles about weight loss, putting health in the top priority is the key. If you do all of the above but are not healthy from the body and mind, then anything you do is of no use. Getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, being stress free also helps you achieve your goals. If you do not have the above three things then losing weight will only be a tough job and eventually you will be bored of it.

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