R. Praggnanandhaa, a 12 year and 10 months old Indian boy became world’s second Chess Grandmaster.

R. Praggnanandhaa, who is from Chennai, India missed out on the title of the world’s youngest chess grandmaster ever by only three months. The title is achieved by Sergey Karjakin of Ukraine, who achieved the honor in 2002 aged 12 years and seven months.

Praggnanandhaa played in the pre-teen grandmasters programme on Saturday against 18-year-old Italian grandmaster Luca Moroni at the Gredine Open in Ortisei, Italy. He won his eighth round game against Luca.

The following day, Praggnanandhaa beat his final opponent, Dutch grandmaster Roeland Pruijssers, to cement his status and pave the way as a future chess superstar. He came second overall in the competition.

Praggnanandhaa said in an interview with mirror now, that he practiced everyday for 4 hours and that chess takes a lot of discipline. The interest in chess began through his sister.

Her sister also is a chess player. She told the media that when she was 4 years old, she used to watch a lot of television. So her parents made her join chess and drawing classes instead of wasting her time watching TV and her interest in chess began that way. Later her brother, Praggnanandhaa, found interest in playing chess while watching her sister.

She says that she is very proud that his brother became the grandmaster. Because that doesn’t happen to everyone to have a chess grandmaster in your home.

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