Some people are so excited to be posting on Facebook, is that they go over board with it. Posting a picture or a status is an extremely serious matter for them. They yearn those 1000’s of likes and comments on their post. So they go to different levels of stupidity to achieve the goal.

I’m not saying these people are stupid. But they sure as hell make some stupid posts on Facebook out of excitement to be popular on the internet.

Some take about hundred people in their own selfie image that they upload. Others do a lot of editing and cut paste their own image with a celebrity to portray that they are friends with these people.

Other just simply pester you with good morning and good night posts of your life.

Here are some people I’ve gathered for you to have a good laugh!

#1 Sleeping with 50 people!


Here’s a girl who have posted her picture and tagged 50 people in along with her picture stating that she’s “sleeping”. But it looks rather horrific as well as funny at the same time! aaah she’s just trying to say goodnight to you guys, come on!

#2 – Too Detailed!


All you could say is, I’m happy to have you in my life!


#3 – Definitely taking some meds!


Yes, I’m definitely taking some medicines. But for me going out of breadth because I laughed so hard at this image!

#4 – Kanye West age 12


So similiar!

#5 – You ARE gay


Gay and high af


#6 – Best Photoshop Ever


WOW! this is lit!

#7 – Another one



#8 – We love youuuu


I’m sexy and i know it! I’m sure if you photoshoped yourself with a celebrity then they must be crazy for you!


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