Here are some scientific facts about left-handed people. Only 10% of the population of the world are lefties. And they have not been treated very well in the past. Most people believed that they are evil or sinister.

Although we have heard everyone say that lefties use their left part of the brain more and right handed people use their right side of the brain more, scientists say that being a lefty is nothing to do with the brain.

It is more to do with the gene activity in the spinal cord while you are in the womb. Studies conducted over the past decade in Canada, Britain, Australia and the US show consistently that left-handedness increases with birth stress.

Arm and hand movements start in the brain, in an area called the motor cortex, which sends a signal to the spinal cord that’s translated into a motion. At about 15 weeks inside the womb, the fetus already starts movements and choose a favorite hand before the brain starts controlling the body.

The brains of lefties tend to use broader swaths of the cortex for different tasks. While righties use just one of their brain’s hemispheres to remember specific events or process language, these brain functions are spread out across both hemispheres in lefties.