Birth order shapes a person’s personality in which some of the traits are common among other children that belong to the same order. Study says that most of the first born children share some of the common traits amongst them. One of which is the leadership trait.

The first born is usually the center of attention in the family until the time the second baby comes along. He loses all or maybe most of the attention that he used to get. Sometimes the first born may become an attention seeker for his whole life as he keeps trying to feel the need to retain the attention he got before the other baby came along.

Although this rarely is the case, the first child has to start learning and behaving a certain way and have some stricter rules set on him. This actually helps in the their future a lot because they learn discipline and develop better habits.

Here are some common traits that are shared among all the First Borns:

#1  You have a strong personality


The first born child are a strong minded bunch of people. They are determined to do what they want to do and how they want it done. They take charge and lead others and usually most of us like been led by them.


#2 You’re Independent


These children or even as adults are a bunch of very independent people. They have learnt this since their childhood, to take of themselves as well as their little brothers and sisters as been told by their parents. They take responsibility and get on with what they have to do in life.

#3 You get along with other First Borns


This is a very unintentional but true fact that even unintentionally these people will naturally feel comfortable with other first borns because they share most of the same values and traits and that makes them the bestest of friends.

#4 You’re disciplined


When the second child comes in to the family the elder one is usually to take a lot of orders from parents. They are always told that they are the older one and hence need to understand and care for their siblings. They are always told by parents to manage their school work, play and things around themselves and that is how they learn discipline and manners sooner than others.

#5 You’re Bossy


These kids are usually bossy around their siblings. And most of us are still so even as adults. And not all siblings mind it and take their bossiness willingly. Being bossy is actually a benefit of being the eldest of all children.

#6 You’re Rebellious


First borns are the ones that test the waters, go out of line, check the limits and get punished for their behavior and the other siblings are to learn from you’re doings. The little ones learn what can they do and what can’t they do from your actions and from the punishments that you get. But still you do not stop being the rebellious and strong headed person that you are!