It’s not about some of us, but almost everyone on this earth has the ability to give up on anything the set their minds too very fast. There are very few in number that have the ability to stick to their goal and passionately run towards it.

Most of us take success by the day and that is when we become disappointed with ourselves and give up too soon. Sometimes the goal is not realistic. You may tell others that my goal is to earn so much money, or that I want to reduce to x weight, or that I want to create something unique; but the reality is that you are imagining people respecting you, loving you or caring for you when you achieve the goals that you tell them that are.

Here are reasons why you give up easily.

#1 You want to be spoon fed

Big businesses or successful men or women did not receive their successes overnight. You imagine having the feel of success but you do not take the steps towards the success. You want it to happen after one little work you did today. You love to fall in an a grand idea but it takes blood and sweat to reach to that place of grandness.

#2 You take failure seriously

Failure is there and will be there till you reach your goal and even after when you make progress. Failure should be viewed as a “lesson” rather than a mistake and giving everything up. No one becomes a master overnight.

#3 For you the grass is always greener on the other side

The grass is always¬† greener on the other side is a saying which means that for most of us we always feel that the other person’s life is better than us and that they are happy because of what they have. It’s not true. You then give up on your dreams and goals and jump to start off with the things that the other person did and in the end get bored of it or fail and give up on that too.

#4 You lack discipline

Discipline is taught in school and since we are children. It’s done so that you can learn since your childhood to have a habit of being in discipline. Without discipline you may get short term results but you will never get to taste the sweetness of your vision coming to life. Have a disciplined life, where you work persistently, whether you fail or lose, but you need to make progress.

#5 You are rigid with your plans

No business or success comes immediately. There were no people that thought about how things would change within their original plans and that is a strategic way of walking towards your aims. Most of us become too rigid. We have a plan and a roadmap we want to stick to and if it requires us to change directions a little, we don’t because we do not want to lose our original plan.

#6 You shift blame on others

When you fail, you give up and shift blame on the failure towards others. It may be your family or friends or people who worked with you or for you. It’s easier to blame as to why you couldn’t succeed. But a person who passionately wants to get what they want, they do not blame. They learn and run forward.

#7 You are not willing to do the hard work

Great ideas need greater hard work. Nothing comes easy. It’s as simple as that. If someone tells you that you can get everything easily, then they are the most untrustworthy of people. Nowadays you can see many get rich quick ads and articles that people post online. They tell you that getting rich and famous is a VERY easy job. Well it’s not. You need to put in every second of your life for a long time to get what you want.

#8 You cannot stick to your new habit

Hard work, discipline and effort requires one thing; habit. You need to have a habit of being persistent, of being in discipline, of doing hard work. That’s habit. If you cannot stick to your new habit then you will eventually give up on dreams.