We all have fears. They may not be the same for everyone but some of them are quite common among all human beings. Some of the common fears that everyone has are fear of insects, fear of snakes, fear of flying, fear of water, fear of dark, fear of narrow spaces, fear of heights, fear of dogs, fear  of lightning & thunder, fear of social situations et cetera.

Some social media posts state that fears and phobias are something to do with your past lives. But there’s only one logical explanation to having a fear is developed by experience.

But then this is not always true, right? Well yes, there’s another explanation to how fear is developed is that the fear is being taught. It can be through your parents, siblings, friends, peers or anyone from whom you have passively taken up the idea that the certain thing or idea that you have in front of you is to be feared for.

You can have friends who will talk about or show you how bad it is to take a risk in life and hence you will take up that kind fear of risking anything in your life from your friend who was afraid of doing so or may have failed after doing it.

You can be shown or taught through instruction the fear of something. One friend can be afraid of public speaking and pass it on to you by giving you ideas of how bad it is.

Yes, if you had an experience by yourself and then developed a fear then that’s your own problem and you may even start teaching others to have that fear.

Parents can easily ingrain their children with fears that they themselves hold within them. For example, as a small child when you see your parent being afraid of a certain situation, or a certain person, or a thing, you passively learn from their behavior that you need to be afraid of it too. Then when you grow up, you tell your friends I’ve had this fear/phobia within myself since I was born. But they may not know where it actually came from.

That is why they say that the company of your friends matter a lot in your life. It’s not just friends but everyone around you. You need to now understand what others are teaching you.

If you want to eliminate the fear you are holding, then the only way is to expose yourself to the situation enough that you become familiar with it and results in the elation of fear and the response you get from it.



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