Here are four of the creepiest youtube channels with big number of subscribers.

Youtube is a place where anyone can upload and share their videos. When it initially got popular, youtube was fairly known for uploading their videos that the whole world could see. I, too had uploaded videos of my dog and my family and home just cos’. Now it’s more of a place where you upload professionally created and editing videos that content some kind of information that your viewers like to learn from.

Of course there are still those people who put up random personal videos of them just for fun.  And some just take it a bit weirder and creepier when it comes to uploading videos.

#1 Poppy (2.1 million Subs)


This girl makes the weirdest of videos. One of which is “I’m Poppy” where she keeps repeating the words I’m Poppy, introducing herself in various positions for 10.02 minutes straight. The video has 16 million views! There’s another where she speaks in a way a friend talks to their friend when they’re upset but in a very creepy way.

Here’s a link to her channel

#2 Benjamin Bennett (1.8k Subs)


This dude as about 291 videos uploaded where he just sits in a corner of his room with some gloomy lights around of him on the floor for 4 hours straight and smiles at the camera. Without saying a word in silence. If this doesn’t creep you out then what will?! How can he even do that for 4 hours straight. My jaw and legs would hurt like hell if I did that for more than 30 minutes!

Here’s a link to his channel

#3 01A51CD0 ( 22k Subs)


This channel is a channel which is not active at the moment. It has 10 videos uploaded six years ago. All video times range from 0.03 seconds to maximum of 2.54 minutes and if you watch them you will know that they are scary and creepy. Don’t know what was the up loader wanted to show to us. There’s one with a rabbit face and monkey face going round and round continuously for 33 seconds.

Here’s a link to their channel

#4 meat (27k subs)


This channel has only two videos which are both titled the same, ” No More”. And then there’s a script that is shown in the video that was typed in the ‘run’ window file of our computer. Both the videos are of the same length 1.04 minutes. It seems like a poetry of some kind that talks about a rumour.

Here’s a link to their channel