Cara Brokkins is the woman who built her house along with her four children by watching YouTube Tutorials.


Back in  2007, Cara escaped an abusive relationship along with her four children, Hope, Jada, Drew and Roman whose ages back then were 17, 11, 15 and 2 respectively.

She spend her 20’s and 30’s in abusive relationship where her children were traumatized and she worried about that they would have no confidence or self-worth left if she continued staying with her husband. She said that her family was broken. The children were broken and that she needed to move on. She left with her kids from her husband and went out to live in a rented apartment.


One day as they were returning from a weekend trip, she saw a house which was torned down due to a tornado and she immediately thought to herself that how wonderful it would be to have built her own house.

Net day Cara told her kids about the idea and they all immediately jumped in. Next day Cara applied for the loan and she says it is tough getting a loan to built a house when you’re not a contractor and more so when you say you’ll do it yourself by watching youtube tutorials.

Working full time as a software programmer and the kids school, they could not get any time going out with friends, watching tv etc. They all built their house when they came home. They watched youtube tutorials ( back in 2007, youtube videos were quite amatuer) on how to build a foundation, how to connect the the pipes and etc. The electrical work was done by a professional but they had to save costs and hence they built their own house.

The house is 3500 square foot house, five bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 car garage which they completed building in only nine months!


They named it “The Inkwell Manor” where they all reside since last 8 years. She is now a well known speaker and author. She wrote a book about her story and mentions how one can have a life without limits!

She is truly an inspiration to all of us who are struggling, who have dreams but have lost faith. You will definitely be inspired with this story.