It’s amazing to see a little baby learn new things and grow from a new born to a toddler and the coming years. Your new born will always have surprises for you in store. All human being have a few things in common. But the most common thing is that we were all babies once! And babies have almost all features common among them except a rare few.


The Word ‘Infant’ comes from Latin which means “unable to speak” or “speechless”. In medical terms a newborn is an infant in the first 28 days after birth.


Your new born has learned language since the time he was in your womb. Fetuses learn sounds and language, especially their mother’s, from the time they are in the womb. That is why it’s important to read, sing and talk to your baby when you are pregnant.


A new born’s head is larger compared to other body parts and it accounts for about 1/4th of his entire weight.


Infants have more bones than adult humans. They have 300 at birth which eventually merge and become 206 as they grow.


New borns can eat even while having hiccups. Hiccups don’t really bother them or get in their way to their routine which as adults we feel very irritated of.


Infants can focus only up to 8 inches away from their face. That is why they recognize their mother’s face quicker as they’re always there in her arms!


Although babies only have breastmilk or formula as their breakfast, lunch and dinner; they have more taste buds than adults do. They can taste sweet, bitter, hot except salt taste buds develop only after 5 months of age.


New borns need much more sleep than any adult does. They need at least 18 hours a day of sleep. And they only get up to basically eat and go back to sleep.


Infants do not over eat. They know how much milk they need and they will have it. They will not eat more than required. So you don’t need to worry if they are not eating enough or eating a lot.


Babies are born with the ability to eat. It is called the ‘rooting reflex’. Babies will turn their heads and open their mouth find your breast and eat. Babies will move their mouths in a sucking motion to show you they’re is hungry.


Birth marks appear after a few days of they baby’s birth. And some are already up there. Birth marks are fairly common in humans.


Maternal hormones can affect gentiles of the babies. Male babies have a slightly larger scrotum and redness in them at birth and female gentiles too can have a white discharge or a mini period. Some babies have an acne which some doctors say are caused by mother’s hormones during the end of pregnancy.


Babies have a specific cry. And a new mother can immediately recognize her baby’s cry even when there are other babies crying in the same room.


Babies grow at a very fast rate in their first year!


New borns are connected to their mothers emotions from the time they were in the womb. They can feel stress when the mother is stressed and can feel joy when the mother is joyed.


(Every child is unique and  develop differently. The above is mentioned from various sources on the internet. It does not provide a standard for all babies. Each child develops on his own pace. Do not set standards for your child’s development.)