Common Sense means a person should have good sense and sound judgement in everyday life situations. But there are some common sense matters that are not too common among some people.

Some things are not to be taught, but are learnt or should be known intuitively. Here are some common sense facts some of us don’t follow through.


Waiting in the end of a queue when you arrive. Some of us just can’t see a queue and push ourselves in front of everyone! 


Standing at an arm’s length distance from someone we’re talking to or just standing besides them. Coming too close to someone while you talk is just invading personal space.


Honking from behind all the cars that are waiting for the signal to go green like you’re going to fly over those cars.


If you borrowed something, you need to give it BACK. Keeping it to yourself because you feel he has many more of those items or that he doesn’t need it, or he will come and take it away himself is such a NO NO.


You need to work for money. Money that you get from shortcuts or cheating is like sand. It will never stay.


Whenever you see empty seating, you choose the inner most seat to be seated at so that other people can sit without any fuss caused.


Don’t talk loudly with people around you or on your phone when you are watching a movie in a cinema. 


Change your bed sheets and pillow cover every week. 


Do Not eat from sauces and chutneys you get from the restaurant. You don’t know how many people dip their fingers in their to eat it and the restaurant may as well just reuse it and give it to you.


When you are done chewing your chewing gum; you carefully put it in a paper towel or a small piece of paper, wrap it up nice so that none of the gum is sticking out, and put it in the dustbin.


You have been waiting for the elevator for several minutes. It arrives. You let the people inside come out before you start walking in! Don’t show your frustration because they will only think you have no common sense!


When you’re done in a public toilet. Flush it before you leave.


If you are driving on a 2-wheel vehicle (scooter), with your friends on their own scooters, do not drive side by side. 


Push the shopping cart to the cart return point after you have loaded your purchase in your car.


Don’t look at your phone when some is talking to you DIRECTLY. 


Listen to music with your ear phones on  when you are in public. No one likes to listen to your music or even listen to music for some of us.


Don’t put your mouth on the can or bottle if someone offers you their drink.


If there are people waiting in the queue behind you, then you need to hurry up and do your thing fast.


If you are going to walk slower, then let other people pass you first!


Knock at the door before you barge in.


Debits on left, credits on right, and everything has to balance


A keyboard is NOT the same as a piano.



If you want to speak to someone you don’t know in public, you say, “excuse me” before you talk. Tapping them on their shoulders is jungle manners.