Blogging is a trend that everyone wants to follow. It’s now the same as being an engineer or a doctor. You know, becoming and engineer or a doctor was a trend back in the days and it still is. But now it’s all about the web world.
Blogging, youtube, video editing et cetera is a booming and exciting career choice. But not many make it a successful career. Successful career requires a lot of hard work as well as knowledge of the work you do.
Blogging is the same. I have been blogging and creating content for the past four years and I have learnt a lot till date given that I have a background degree in finance.
So keeping that in mind, I have put down 12 traits that an effective blogger possess.

  1. Never broken Persistence


Writing articles and making posts consistently is the art of blogging. When you create a blog and you have a connected audience with it, you are obliged to give them fresh content on regular basis. You cannot sit back and relax after work of first few days. Your audience is waiting to be amazed by your work. When you lose the consistency, you lose your audience as well.

  1. Engaging content


As a blogger, you need to post what your audience wants to see and share. Your post should be engaging. Effective bloggers learn about their audience before they post online. Their posts are personal and engaging where people naturally comment and share.

  1. Top quality


Effective bloggers do not bargain for content. Only to quality content is posted on their blogs. Which means original material, good quality images, unique thoughts, helpfulness to people’s problems. They deliver value to others and that is why they have higher traffic.

  1. Research done right


Before posting any article, do your research well. Don’t skimp through material and facts. Get to the bottom of your research before you form an opinion. Most of us don’t do the research. We only look at one or two articles with the same information and put them up in our own post with varied words or twist of words which we may call original post. But do you think it’s actually original?

5. Heavy Marketing


Effective bloggers take marketing very seriously. Sure you have great content but how would the people know about it. Investing in marketing tools is the key to get your quality blog posts seen and shared by people. Using SEO tools, facebook promotional tools and other traffic generating tools will help you bring your audience to your blog and be interested in you.

6. Being Authentic


Successful bloggers are authentic people and the post authentic content. Therefore if someone comments on their posts, they take time out to reply to them. Getting back to your commenters is a great way to boost traffic. People who take their time out to read your posts and be interested in you are also looking forward to your response to their comments.