They say don’t compare if you want to happy life. I definitely believe that comparing leads to unhappiness and a lot of drama in your life. I still compare myself to others and then eventually feel miserable because I want what that other person has.

But that is not the truth always. What we feel when we compare is that we can be “happy” if I can have what the other person has because they seem happy having the things that they have.

We all want happiness. Our ultimate goal is to be happy. And correct me if I’m wrong. But each one of us wants to be happy. Only our heads have different ideas about happiness.

So we usually compare ourselves with those people that have what we don’t have and think, “ah, yes this what makes him happy and hence will make me happy too”. Then we start thinking about the circumstances that lead us into believing that we can’t have that and so we’ll always remain unhappy.

See here’s what it is that I’ve noticed. I don’t have an actual job, I stay at home with my son all day, do the house chores, and write articles in my free time. So I always feel worthless and feel that my friend, who’s the same age as mine, who’s had the same education al qualifications as mine is having a very high profile job. I look at her posts on social media about how great her life is and feel miserable. But in the other hand that friend of mine thinks that I have a life she craves for; the peace, the home life and having to spend time with your child.

“Every minute spent wishing you were living someone else’s life is a waste of minute spent from yours”.

This is what happens everywhere. If you have straight hair you’d always wish to have curly hair and vice versa.

See, everybody has they life’s drawbacks. When you sit and hope to live somebody else life, you’re really missing out many beautiful things in your own life.

If you’re still reading this, you must have understood where you’re going wrong and bringing unnecessary stress to your life. Trust me on this, I’ve been stressed out most of days just by thinking how good the other person’s life is.

And I’m not saying, go on, bitch about their life. No. I’m sure they do have great things going on. But you too have great things going on

If you really have to compare, then compare to someone you look up to, someone you admire, someone who’s an inspiration to you which can help you step ahead in life. Change your focus. Happiness is where you are at present. You have it with you. Don’t always aim for happiness when you compare. Compare for other reasons.

Compare to become a better version of you (And I mean a good person, good habit version, not if you’re lazy and work hard to be more lazy 😂).

Compare yourself to someone who motivates you. Do you have that zeal to make your life better than today? Well do that. Don’t compare to others for petty reasons. It’s a waste of energy.

If you think with a presence of mind, you will find happiness lies in you

r arms. It’s here but you couldn’t see.