Anger problems arise from us having certain expectations about things and people. You may say that you don’t expect anything from anyone. But it’s not true.

We have expectations from non living things too! We expect the sun to rise everyday and for it to set every evening. We expect the rains to come every monsoon. We expect winter to fall in the end of the year. We expect at every stage of our lives. We expect people at various levels to act a certain way. If there’s any difference in their behaviour, they fall short of our expectations. Hence we feel anger.

Aren’t we all small babies by nature. If we can’t get our way, we feel frustrated and angry because it doesn’t match our expectations.

But the world is full of colors and each color radiates it’s own energy. And so we’ll always have our expectations fail.

What we can do to keep our anger at bay is to recognise the situation. Stop thinking about ourselves and put ourselves in other’s shoe and then react.

Every action has consequences. Think about the consequences. Stop and think before you react. This is how you can practice not being angry.

Everyone of us is selfish. We only think about ourselves. Only a few have mastered the art of thinking about others before they think about themselves.

Anger can also be a product of buried emotions from the past. You need to analyse your thinking, emotions first before you judge yourself.